A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is the prototype for what was to become the prologue of the new Lorna Bains game, called "The Matriarch's Dowry".

After having gotten fired from her last job as a waitress, Lorna Bains now works as a secretary at Michael's Import And Emporium, a rather run-down second hand shop. Your job, as Lorna, is to determine the prices for the new items that have just come in.

The prototype (we also love to call it the protologue) was meant to test out our ideas and to get familiar with the Unity 3D engine, since we've never worked in it before. Recently, we made the decision to move away from realtime 3D and going for a pre-rendered 3D look.

With the help of this prototype, we learnt a lot about how Unity works and we feel pretty confident that now we can actually make more sophisticated games in it! Not that this isn't sophisticated enough, but…you know what i mean, right? Right??

If you decide to give this prototype a try, please do let us know what you think about it! Your feedback is always appreciated and helps us knowing where we got to make changes or where we've nailed it!


LORNA1_Proto_Linux.zip 116 MB
LORNA1_Proto_Mac.zip 118 MB
LORNA1_Proto_Win.zip 112 MB

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