LAST UPDATE: 24.01.2017: Fixed Kitchen freeze, Fixed UI overlapping issue in Quarter Master's dialogue

This was ReVenture Games' entry for the 2016 Adventure Jam.

The version provided here is Work-In-Progress, thus you will find some things not working, missing dialogues or occasional freezes when interacting with objects.

We hope this will give you a little taste of what the final game will be like, though :)

As a follow up to our previous Twisted Fairy tales Jam games, we have returned with yet another of the Dorcasson Sisters – Clotilde working as a laundry lady in a small, haunted castle.

The Queen hires you to sit a nightly vigil to try to exorcise the spirit who she believes is her long dead son! Can you free the Prince of his nightly visits?

  • An odd fairytale inspired by The Enchanted Prince in Ruth Manning-Sanders' A Book of Princes and Princesses
  • Classic Point and Click gameplay
  • A WHOLE 16 retro colours!
  • Reams upon reams of character conversations, unique responses and wise words from a Unicorn…

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